Finance Execs Cheer Goodwill Shortcut

Just read the article on finance executives plans to adopt the new goodwill impairment shortcuts.  The key point as to how much they are cheering:

Sixty-nine percent of those working for private companies and 81% at public companies expect their employers to take advantage of the option for some or all of their reporting units.

I’m surprised the percentages aren’t higher, especially at private companies.  The goodwill impairment rules have been incredibly complex, confusing preparers, auditors, and users of financial statements.  FASB has a history of replacing or changing standards by giving us even harder to understand rules; this is one time where they actually made it easier.

My take:  Read the rules carefully and adopt them.  However, as the article notes, caution is advised if you have narrowly passed the tests under the old rules.

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